This beautiful coffee table collectors item is a rich and varied collection of vignettes, photographs and essays about historic La Jolla.

"(People) young and old will appreciate the rich history in this book ... A treasure to keep in a prominent place and refer to often." William Kellogg (Best known for developing the exclusive La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Son of Publisher Frederick William Kellogg)

"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - Well, yes and no.  Read Daly-Lipe's view of this age old dilemma"  Rita Mae Brown, Author of eleven novels and two time Emmy Award Nominee

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Book publishing.  BOOK DISTRIBUTION.  

"So many people learn how to MAKE a movie but once the film is "in the can," they have no idea what to do to get their movie DISTRIBUTED.  Jackson's book thoroughly guides filmmakers through these waters" Gayle Sherman, Director of Acquisitions, Showcase Entertainment, Inc.

"Superb Work"  Dr. M.P. Cosman, Esq. Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Rockit Press has obtained major endorsements for their books from celebrities such as Donald Trump and ABC Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran.  Please scroll down.

"[The arts] are bound to inspire imagination and creativity and awaken in scores of young people a yearning and talent many don't know resides in them." U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden

A beautiful coming of age story in pre-war England - Based on the script from Showcase Entertainment