Book publishing.  BOOK DISTRIBUTION.  

​​​​​​Authors often wish to build a platform from which to launch their work. Being savvy about how to create interest in your book, drive online traffic and ultimately sell your book can take work.  

Getting the word out about an author and book takes strategy.  A good marketing and publicity campaign for your book can equal success.  The Sky's the limit at how far you can climb!  

To bring attention to your book, you will likely try to create a stir on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, often there is a  missing link between your promotional efforts and that coveted article, interview or talk show appearance. 

To get media attention and potential coverage, a good press release and an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is one tool that authors use to help launch their book. This would include an engaging author biography, a professional photo, a list of reviews from respected publications collected to date, any awards that you have won, key speaking engagements, some key questions and answers that a reviewer can quote, and some FAQs about the book and/or author. 

The piece de résistance of the EPK can be a compelling, engaging videotaped high definition interview with the author.  

If you are interested in a EPK for yourself as an author or for a specific book, please contact Rockit Press to discuss your needs and pricing.