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With the amount of books being turned into films and television series, turning your story into a screenplay is something that you may be considering. Hollywood loves to build franchises and often uses books to do so.  

Writing books and writing screenplays are two very different skill sets.   While a novel may be 500 pages long, chalk full of descriptions and narrative, a screenplay is typically 120 pages. With a screenplay, everything has to be on the screen, shown through visuals, behavior, dialogue and action.  If there is a back story, that back story has to be woven into the screenplay.  At Rockit Press, we have an in house stable of professional screen writers whose works have already been well received in Hollywood.

The principals of Rockit Press have vast experience in the film and television business as the principals of the SC Group of Companies including Showcase Entertainment, Showcase For Kids and SC Global Media.  Over the last twenty years, they have successfully produced, marketed and/or licensed well over three hundred feature films throughout the world in all media starring talent such as Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, John Malkovich, Kathy Bates, Edward Burns, Katharine McPhee, Debra Messing, Harvey Keitel, Kiefer Sutherland, Rebecca DeMornay, Benicio Del Toro, Lorraine Bracco, Christopher Walken, Robert Downey, Jr., Colin Firth, Sean Penn, John Favreau, Jason Alexander, Billy Bob Thornton, Stanley Tucci, Matt LeBlanc, Mena Suvari, Rob Schneider, Jeff Daniels, Vanessa Marano, and many more.  

Their worldwide licensees include Columbia/Tristar, Disney/Buena Vista, MGM, New Line, Lionsgate, HBO, Showtime, Sony Pictures Television, Lifetime, Oxygen, the Sy Fy Channel, Village Roadshow, Endemol, Nordisk, 20th Century Fox, BBC, British Sky Broadcasting, TF1, Canal +, RTL, ZDF, Pro Sieben, Antena 3, Mediaset, Miko/NHK, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, HBO Ole and Cartoon Network, just to name a few. In addition to film, they have produced television series that have aired on NBC, Starz, and Nick in the United States.  

HOLLYWOOD PACKAGES AVAILABLE (Prices quoted on an individual basis):


Rockit Press will provide a professionally written log line and a one page synopsis of your book for presentation purposes that is tailor made to catch the attention of Hollywood executives, giving them the essential details of the storyline and highlighting the book's strengths. 



A film treatment can be a writer's secret weapon. The treatment emphasizes the major elements and intricacies of your story in an engaging way.  It is a terrific first step when assembling marketing tools.  It is also the framework that is used to transform your work into a screenplay.  We will match your book with one of our professional screenwriters. Once the treatment is done, we will promote your treatment in our monthly newsletter where movie and television agents, directors and producers have access.



Impress Hollywood executives and make the ultimate marketing push and introduction of your work to the film and television business by transforming your book into a professional screenplay.  ​With a professionally adapted screenplay, you will let Hollywood know that you are serious about breaking into the entertainment business, as a screenplay is the best way for Hollywood Executives to fully assess whether your book will make a good movie.  You will be entitled to one draft of a professionally written and formatted screenplay and a "polish" incorporating one round of your notes.  At Rockit Press, we have an in house stable of screen writers whose works have been well received in Hollywood.  For your book adaptation, we will designate an available screenplay writer who will be a work-for-hire, entitled to a screenplay credit as is standard in the industry, while you will maintain full ownership of your story.  Once the screenplay is done, we will promote your screenplay in our monthly newsletter where movie and television agents, directors and producers have access.

At your request, we will submit your work for a first look to our affiliated companies to determine interest.  If they are interested in working with you, they will contact you directly and go over a potential plan of action.


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